About Judy's OP-ED

Welcome to Judy’s OP-ED Blog

Right off the bat I am going to make two assumptions. I think you will want to know (1) how this blog came to be and (2) why it is called Judy’s OP-ED blog. So let me tell you.

Normally, I write an occasional blog post for Webconsuls, LLC. Together with Dennis Helfand and Dick Fay, I own and help manage Webconsuls. You can read my resume here. As I said on a recent post:

"For those of you who know me (i.e., my immediate family, team members, relatives, friends, previous co-workers, blog readers), I am most generally known as the storyteller. If you give me a subject I can probably tell you a story from my life that relates to that subject. While many may roll their eyes, get the 'hook' or give me the old wind-up signal when I start to tell a story, these are the same people who will ask if the yearly holiday letter is ready to mail or have I posted to the Webconsuls' blog lately."

Over the past year, or really six months, I have been trying to be more active with social marketing; therefore, I tweet everyday or at least read other people's tweets, I follow a few blogs and engage in comments on the these blogs. The fun thing about commenting on other's blogs is that you can tell part of your story…but then again you never really know if anyone is listening to your comments, so you might find you are TALKING TO YOURSELF.

On June 6th I participated in a TWITTER #blogchat. The question was raised by @mackcollier: what has priority for your blogging efforts, writing posts, commenting on posts, or…

And here is the exchange thread that followed:

JudyHelfand: commenting, more than writing, but I think my comments could be a blog on their own! #blogchat

LisaPetrilli: @JudyHelfand I agree, Judy! You are very thoughtful with your comments and they could be a blog of their own! #blogchat

allthingsfadra: commenting, more than writing, but I think my comments could be a blog on their own! #blogchat /via @JudyHelfand <= Me too. I'm a wordy gal

trainingfactor: @JudyHelfand there is no butting in lines on blog commenting :) #blogchat

sue_anne: @allthingsfadra @JudyHelfand I think bloggers appreciate a fresh blog post continuing the discussion as much as they do comments #blogchat

sue_anne: @allthingsfadra @JudyHelfand Main caveat there would be to give appropriate attribution to the original #blogchat

chrisbrogan: @JudyHelfand - that would work. (long comments into posts) #blogchat

ahynes1: @JudyHelfand I often use my comments to other blogs as the foundation for my own blog posts #blogchat

LisaPetrilli: @chrisbrogan I really believe they'd work for @JudyHelfand - she writes truly insightful comments on my blog---> value 4 others :) #blogchat

chrisbrogan : @JudyHelfand - works for me. : )

So…this is how my blog came to be.

Now why the name, Judy’s OP-ED.

I tried to think of a meaningful short name. It occurred to me if the essence of my blog is to re-post my comments to other’s blogs, then it really is like the OP-ED page of a newspaper.

My posted comment is my personal OPinion of the original (EDitorial) post of another blogger.

Word Origin and History
op-ed: 1970, page of a newspaper opposite the editorial page, usually devoted to personal opinion columns. The thing itself pioneered by the Pulitzers in the New York "World."

So welcome, I hope you will enjoy this adventure. Visit often and leave your own comments.